The perfect wedding video

We have been producing wedding videos independently since 2006. With thousands of happy clients behind us, we're moving forward to provide you with the best quality of personalized service, genuine care, vivid detail and best value for your investment. Wedding videography is the most important aspect to remembering your special day. It's an investment into your future, and we're proud to be a part of it. Thank you for considering us.

Based in New England, we are proud to film wherever our clients request us. Take a look at our travel map below to see some of the locations our filming has taken us.

Why Eastty Weddings?

  • More than a decade of experience satisfying a variety of clients from different cultural backgrounds has made us adaptable, increasingly knowedgeable, and discerning in understanding what is expected of us.

  • A hard-earned reputation for being unobtrusive. This is your wedding and while it is our goal that the quality of the product exceeds that of a Hollywood production, it is a sacred occasion and should not be treated like one.

  • Perfect high definition and 4K clarity combined with sentiment and creativity

  • Affordable wedding video prices. We want to help you out. Tell us what we can do to make your wedding video special and how we can fit your budget.

Check out our stellar reviews on The Knot and Wedding Wire. Please contact us for more information.


I’m Jon Eastty

When I was in high school, I took a class on video production and literally the day I learned about wedding videography got a business license from my town hall. It was exciting to work for myself and learn an aspect of life I had never considered-entrepreneurship. I filmed throughout high school and eventually earned enough to purchase my own equipment. I never imagined it would become my career. I promised myself that I would keep filming until I got sick of it and that day just never came.

I value my work because I have the opportunity to create something that is meaningful for people. Not everyone is fortunate enough to (1) be self-employed (2) love their job or (3) impact people's lives and I often reflect on how much I enjoy my job. The greatest feeling is when I receive a card from a newlywed couple who love their wedding video!

I graduated from Worcester State University earning a BA in Communications with a focus in Film. I am an avid skier, I like creating tasty new salads and smoothies to offset my occasional Ben&Jerry's binge, and I love to travel. I've just gotten my country count past 30, and I've been to more than half the states.

My work as a wedding videographer funds my true passion-volunteer work. This volunteer work centers on helping people understand the Bible and develop solid reasons for believing in a peaceful, happy future. Between 2011-2015, I lived most of the year in Panama and would work the summers in New England. Since 2015 I have been doing volunteer work in the Middle East-but I call it the Middleastty...

Garrett Wilson joined me in filming weddings in 2012. I was reluctant to hire someone else because working solo reduced my overhead and therefore kept my rates lower for my clients. For several years I had been turning people away during the busy season and felt awful each time, not knowing if the couple would be able to find someone to film their most important occasion in a professional and dignified manner.

I decided to invest in more equipment and asked my friend Garrett, who had prior wedding filming experience, to accompany me. It was clear from the very first wedding that Garrett had a calm, friendly presence and maintained an easygoing attitude with a good eye for important shots. Garrett was admittedly nervous when he shot his first wedding for me by himself, but has shown remarkable aptitude for being in the right place at the right time and capitalizing on creativity while filming the most important moments.

Garrett has had a lifelong love of music. He supported himself throughout college by playing drums and occasionally upright bass for the esteemed quartet "The Shulamite Men". He gradauted from the Institue of Midwestern Nigeria with a specialty in Opticianry, and has spent the the last three years developing a special eye patch for cats who have been blinded by small children. Garrett volunteers every Tuesday at a soup kitchen founded by his grandfather, a depression-era shoe cobbler.

Mitch Wood has a background in photography and operates his own business in New York. He has been the owner of several businesses, and after deciding to pursue photography full time, he felt compelled to try videography as well.

Mitch has filmed and photographed myriad events including weddings (of course!), live bands, film festivals, portraits, training videos and corporate work. His background in photography enabled him to seamlessly enter the video world. It is an asset that helps him to film with a perspective of intimate moments that photographers develop a special instinct for. His energy, enthusiasm and positivity contribute greatly to our clients feeling comfortable and calm. He began filming and editing for Eastty Weddings in 2016.

Mitch owns some real estate in Uzbekistan, and spends one month out of the year living in the famous Uzbek yurts of the Wekong River Delta. What does he do during this time? "My passion has always been fresh-water spear fishing, and the lake adjacent to my yurt has some of the best lake trout that Central Asia has to offer. I love selling what I catch in the local bazaar on Thrusdays." He is an avid HGTV fan and when he owned a clothing line even featured one of his sweaters on an episode of "This Old House". Mitch loves to tend to his vegetable garden while home in New York where he prides himself in growing 17 different varieties of carrots.