2013 Wedding Season is Here!

Another winter hibernation has come to a close and wedding season is upon us! To ring in the wedding vendor’s new year, I have rewarded myself (and my loyal clients) with new equipment. The 2013 wedding season is going to be exceptional for Eastty Weddings for several reasons:

  1. Completely HD for last year’s SD prices
  2. Three angles of shooting instead of the previous two
  3. Revised Editing software:

-Apple has redesigned and reformatted Final Cut Pro to the point where I find myself learning a virtually new system entirely. The alterations made to the software benefit Eastty Weddings clients in a number of ways. Primarily, FCP’s new interface and features is reducing my editing time by about 60% and since time is money, my time reduction is transferred to you as monetary savings! The quality of the footage is enhanced systemically and matching my different cameras’ respective picture quality to each other is exponentially easier.

4. New monopod, tripods and audio equipment allow for increased stability, faster mobility and improved sound quality.


             It’s exciting to have so many changes. I have also begun filming with a Sony Ex1 that I used for the first time at Jordan and Steve’s wedding on Saturday. It is my first time working with a non-Canon product and I have to say that it is remarkably easy to use and reliable. Combining this with my Canon XA10 and Canon DSLR 7D allows me more creativity with shots because I know that I have two other stationary angles capturing the event while I’m busy trying to be creative!