Why Angles Matter

Those who remember high school lit classes may recall the visual of Don Quixote fighting windmills. His perspective was that they were worth fighting, and that they were animated enough to fight back. The way he saw the world changed his life. What does this have to do with your wedding video?

Take, for example, the wedding ceremony of Jessica and Joel in September of 2013. They were married under pale, soft blue of the beautiful late summer sky outside of a stately nineteenth-century New England manor. This shoot was unique in that I used four cameras to achieve optimal perspective. I wasn't going to allow for the perception of anything short of the real thing.

I set up the XA10 at the rear of the seats, facing the direction from which the bridal party would arrive. In post-production, I altered some of the shots by eliminating excess space around the subject of the frame. Like a camouflaged bird, the HFG20 hung securely and invisibly from the gorillapod atop the trellice for a perfect view of the bride and groom both as they walked down the aisle and as their faces reflected the passion behind saying "I do." The EX1(Auto Mode) hung out on the right side of the seats, facing the bride and groom and their wedding party, with an unobfuscated and inviting view of the audience as well. I managed the EX1 in manual mode for the processional and a straight shot of the bride and groom throughout the ceremony. I casually adjusted each camera int he background in anticipation of the best angle to capture the emotion of what was being spoken and felt. Want to play "Where's Waldo?" with the camera placements? Go ahead.