2013 Wedding Season is Here!

Another winter hibernation has come to a close and wedding season is upon us! To ring in the wedding vendor’s new year, I have rewarded myself (and my loyal clients) with new equipment. The 2013 wedding season is going to be exceptional for Eastty Weddings for several reasons:

  1. Completely HD for last year’s SD prices
  2. Three angles of shooting instead of the previous two
  3. Revised Editing software:

-Apple has redesigned and reformatted Final Cut Pro to the point where I find myself learning a virtually new system entirely. The alterations made to the software benefit Eastty Weddings clients in a number of ways. Primarily, FCP’s new interface and features is reducing my editing time by about 60% and since time is money, my time reduction is transferred to you as monetary savings! The quality of the footage is enhanced systemically and matching my different cameras’ respective picture quality to each other is exponentially easier.

4. New monopod, tripods and audio equipment allow for increased stability, faster mobility and improved sound quality.


             It’s exciting to have so many changes. I have also begun filming with a Sony Ex1 that I used for the first time at Jordan and Steve’s wedding on Saturday. It is my first time working with a non-Canon product and I have to say that it is remarkably easy to use and reliable. Combining this with my Canon XA10 and Canon DSLR 7D allows me more creativity with shots because I know that I have two other stationary angles capturing the event while I’m busy trying to be creative!

Completely High Definition

For one year now, Eastty Weddings has offered High Definition as an option with any wedding video package. For couples who are on a budget, standard definition has always been available. I cannot in good conscience continue to offer this service because even my professional and much beloved and familiar high broadcast quality standard definition cameras are lagging behind the superior image quality of my high definition cameras. I take great pride in my work and want my clients to have videos that will endure generations with the highest clarity. This is why, as of January, 1, 2013, all services that I offer will be completely High Definition with no additional charge. I am keeping my prices the same as I continue to offer the highest quality product possible. For couples on a budget, I will still offer lavalier microphones, blu-ray discs, and other similar services as options.


Gretchen&Matt hired me just a few weeks ago which is relatively last minute in the wedding industry. I was so happy that I had the date available. They are a great couple and we felt at east instantly when we met to go over the details. It was a raw day at the Spencer Country Inn but their guests enjoyed themselves immensely, especially thanks to the antics of the very involved showman Bruce Jacques. I have never seen such an entertaining singer!


What a great wedding! Lisa and Mark enjoyed themselves surrounded by friends and family at the Black Swan Country Club tonight. I was priveleged to work with a few of my old friends, Gary Abramson of Photography Your Way in Peabody, and DJ Chuck of Move It Music in Lynn. Having worked together well at many weddings over the years, it was like a little reunion. I thought the highlight of the night was the Portguguese dancing!Photo courtesy of wedding photographer Gary Abramson-Photography Your Way


The rain had to come sometime. Unfortunately, it came today-right around the time Ean and Sarah were to be wed outside on a picturesque farm in Narragansett, RI. We made the best of it as the ceremony was moved to the interior of a rustic barn-style hall, lavishly decorated in a rural autumn theme. They were wed in front of a massive fireplace, and their guests were just as happy to experience this indoors as they would have outside. Congratulations!


Today's wedding has provided me with some of the best dance footage I've ever gotten! Aaron&Sarah are two very special people who had an elegant wedding for probably 1/10 the price I would value it at. They are budget-oriented and their frugality paid off. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony and were surrounded by festive and exuberant friends and family at the reception. I'm going to have a lot of fun editing this one.


As I arrived to begin setting up for Emily&Cristian's "first look" shoot around 2:45 this afternoon, the girls were just finishing up getting ready as the guys anxiously waited two rooms away. Their suites at the historic inn behind the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA, were situated behind an open field with a gazebo where the first look took place. Emily and Cristian have been together for many years and are finally (to the delight of their families) tying the knot! Cristian's family is from Ecuador and it was refreshing to be at a Latin wedding-they're always full of talented dancers. Sometimes while I'm editing the dancing sequences I'll watch the guys' footwork over and over and try to mimic it, but I feel that my Anglo heritage precludes ever being that suave. Wedding videography at the Publick House is always a rewarding experience.

Three weddings!

It's going to be a busy weekend! I have three weddings lined up, beginning with filming of the first look at the Publick House tomorrow at 3:00. I hear it's going to be a lovely warm fall day. Saturday's wedding is going to be an absolute blast. Two good friends of mine are getting married and I am priveleged to be their videographer. Sunday's wedding will take place in Narragansett, one of New England's most charming towns. My batteries are charged, my cameras are ready, my hard drive is full of GBs and I'm going to get a good night's rest before I get to observe six people enjoying the most meaningful event of their lives. 


Tonight's wedding was that of Kim&Mitch. My day began at 12:45, when I arrived at Kim's house to film the preparation. Her father proudly showed me their perfectly manicured flower garden and though it was a hectic time, there was some great footage. Then off we went to the church, where the priest was one of the most laid-back and humorous I've ever encountered. The church had a balcony which afforded me the chance to get some artsy overhead shots. The reception venue was a nicely decorated Portuguese-American club in Chicopee. The highlight of the evening for me was Kim's father's hilarious drum routine during which most of the guests acted as backup dancers for his intense drumming. Kim proved quite the dancer as she astonished her fans with an incredibly acrobatic performance to Michael Jackson.


Just got home from Kristen&Mike's fantastic wedding at one of my favorite venues, Zukas Hilltop Barn, in Spencer, MA. Kristen is a very sweet girl who booked my services fairly far along in the planning process. I'm so glad she did. She and Mike have a great family and it gave me an opportunity to work again with DJ Jerry B of Marlborough, and Candi Wolfe and Steve Ericson of Northborough with whom I have worked several times over the years. They are such talented professionals and I love working with them-so stress-free and fun. Now I'm transferring the footage overnight so I can prepare for tomorrow's event.