Allanah&Rob: Zukas' Hilltop Barn

I cannot believe we're halfway through October! I met with Allanah&Rob forever ago, and I'm not sure who time passed more quickly for-them or myself. I was really looking forward to their wedding today because they are such down-to-earth, normal people and I knew all the other vendors who would be working since Rob's sister, Allison, is the event coordinator and "wedding planner extraordinaire" of Zukas. I wish I could film every wedding there. That place is so picturesque and the staff is just incredibly focused.

The uplighting, provided by DJ Greg Bedard, looked phenomenal and JP Arthur Tatro and his wife did an outstanding job as usual. If you're looking for a really calm, knowledgeable and flexible JP, definitely contact Arthur and Eileen Tatro. They are a highly organized, friendly, responsible husband and wife team.

Rob and Allanah were visited by their precious two beagles prior to the start of the ceremony. This gave me some awesome footage that will definitely be on their wedding video.

I am so grateful to Allison for recommending me to her brother and I'm thrilled I am able to contribute to their big day and what will surely be a fun married life!