Rebecca&Brendan got married on one of the most perfect autumn days imaginable. A stunningly blue sky totally devoid of clouds was above us as I arrived for the photo shoot during the preparation at Rebecca's parents' charming old colonial in Stafford Springs, CT. Her yard provided a perfect nature-like atmosphere for some fun pictures and video after all the bridesmaids were dressed and then we headed off to a very moving ceremony at the congregational church about two football fields away.

I've never been to Stafford Springs before but it is essentially the perfect New England town-almost reminiscent of a nineteenth-century village.
The Publick House once again provided wonderful staff, prompt service, and delicious food all set in the immaculate and gorgeous landscape of the oldest restaurant in North America. I know this because I worked here for 3 years during high school and memorized the spiel about it being built in 1771, and having been visited by George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and Big Bird (who lives in nearby Pomfret). Note that not all three of these guys dined together-although that certainly would've been interesting.
I was privileged to once again work with Tom Bruhl-musician, DJ, entertainer, MC, flutist, guitarist, saxophonist, and all-around great guy. He is a DJ that is also basically a one-man band. I see bands or DJs who play their own music only about 10% of the time and brides, if you're reading this, DEFINITELY consider it. A band/musical DJ can make for a really unforgettable experience. Tom is entertaining but not over the top; he knows how to keep your guests happy and interested int he proceedings, but he is by no means a show stealer. He maintains the perfect balance of professionalism, genuine care, and fun. I hope I can work with him again soon.

Rebecca and Brendan went to prom together almost 20 years ago and through an interesting series of events, ended up together, and they couldn't be happier.
I got some great footage and Rebecca and Brendan will have their DVD before they know it!

Me looking goofy, filming the introduction