First Wedding of the year!


Venue: Ocean's Edge

Ceremony: Our Lady of the Cape

Photographer: Ali Rosa

DJ: Danny Walsh

Location: Brewster, MA

Episode 1. Season 11. Spoiler alert: nobody dies.

This was the season opener of my 11th year filming weddings. First couple: Sam&Dan. Sam contacted me a long time ago and even referred one of her friends to me last summer. We’d both been so busy that, although we’d spoken many times, we only met on the day of her wedding. She is such a sweetheart and so much fun to be around. She joked that I was catching shots of her eating chicken tenders and other inopportune moments. Well I do catch pretty much everything! Dan is a pretty cool guy too, and I knew he is an ex-marine when he just about broke my hand with his handshake. Once I regained feeling below my elbow, I was able to successfully operate a camera again. Their wedding took place at one of my all-time favorite venues-the ocean’s edge in brewster. I had last been there for a wedding in August last year, in fact, the hottest day of last year. It was 106 on the beach and I brought two suits to avoid looking like I’d just gone swimming after the ceremony. Well anyways, today was a much more mild day at just about 65 degrees and perfectly sunny. The ceremony was held at our lady of the cape, a church I’ve been to many times and have always appreciated for its excellent lighting and open architectural plan, which allows for great shots without being distracting.

One thing photographers and videographers always appreciate is when the officiants don’t restrict us too much. Priests especially tend to be regimented. Of course it’s a sacred occasion and the majority of wedding professionals bear this in mind foremost, however we do need to accomplish what you’ve contracted us to do in the way we know how to do it. One priest I worked with years ago prohibited the photographer from using flash at any time or moving at all from one spot. Since the bride and groom had paid him and signed a contract agreeing to his conditions, they were powerless to stop that. Can’t imagine what their pictures looked like. So my tangential advice is: ALWAYS check with your clergy/officiant to verify what their regulations are regarding photo/video. Anyways, all of that brings me to this point: the clergy at our lady of the cape have consistently been respectful, kind and accommodating to me so I really enjoy working there.

After the ceremony, ocean’s edge had a lobster and shrimp filled cocktail hour on their castle-like rooftop overlooking the ocean. A brilliant reception followed, and I was thrilled to work with a DJ I’ve never met before-. He worked alone, which I see only maybe about 1/3 of the time. He did an outstanding job. He kept things flowing nicely, and his vibrant, witty and enthusiastic personality really came through. The dance floor was so packed that I was hit in the face by flailing arms several times-always a good sign!