Day 2


Venue: The Riverview

Photographer: Erica Britto

DJ: Lights/Camera/DJs

Location: Simsbury, CT


Sunday was officially the shortest notice I’ve had that my services would be needed! Allison&Greg contacted me four days before the wedding (due to circumstances beyond their control, I must point out) and I happened to have the date open. I am absolutely glad that I did. From the moment I stepped into Allison’s room at the Simsbury Residence Inn, I felt at ease and truly enjoyed getting to know her bridesmaids during the preparation. I was privileged to work with the easygoing and fun Erica Britto as the photographer. 2 year old Mason was a big help to me as my assistant cameraman. Allison was pretty sure she wouldn’t cry when she read Greg’s card, but there were definitely some water works ;) From there, we departed for the riverview in simsbury. It’s been at least 9 years since I have worked there, but I’ll be back next month for another wedding. The ballroom was immaculately decorated, but there was no time to admire the details because the ceremony time was coming up fast! Allison got into her gorgeous dress and I shot her expert maid of honor finishing up the bustling. As soon as the guys arrived in their limo, I whisked Greg into a suite and we recorded him reading his card and opening his gift. The ceremony was short and sweet, and featured a wine ceremony. I’m all for any ceremony including wine! Cocktail hour went by fast, but the river view’s setup and Allison’s hard work in decorating made it easy to capture some beautiful interior shots. The first dance was flawless, the toasts endearing, and the meal scrumptious! I caught a lot of great dancing, and the guests didn’t leave the floor thanks to brandon of lights camera dj. The day went by too fast, but as my second wedding day in a row on my first week back to work, I was exhausted as I drove home. I had enough energy to import the footage and go for a my daily 5k before getting to sleep before a good long day of editing!